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ShreeMart is an upcoming Online Business Directory, where we can expose our business or products maximum. Our goal is to make this Online Business Directory as useful as possible for our users, for this reason all submissions are subject to human editorial review. If you have a resource, submit it to our human editor for approval & inclusion in the searchable business web directory. Your web site will be reviewed within next 5 to 10 days.
With such an overwhelming number of people using the search engines and business web directories as tools, it is essential for your business that all potential customers can find your web site.
A well designed, easily navigated site is very important; but if the site is not recognized by the visitors, all of the efforts are in vain. It has been shown that over 80% of Internet users are using the major search engines and web directories to find sites on the Internet. ShreeMart targets all business models like B2B, C2B, and C2C. For large scale business it is necessary to be optimized according to leading search engine and directories. To get global exposure, maximum visibility and making potential customer are the secrets of a successful business. ShreeMart will provide the key of success just after listing in its searchable Business Web Directory.
As visibility at Global Business map is necessary, sometimes small scale business can not afford much for their business website. They can't explore their products completely. But now you can give complete exposure to your business with economic budget. We will create webpage of your business with minimal charge. Your URL will be like
A Global Business Directory publishes listing of information which lists all businesses within some group. Businesses can be categorized by:
  • 1.Business type
  • 2. Locality
  • 3. Activity
  • 4. Volume
  • 5. Size
Online Business Directories is varying from quality and content. There is a balance between professional advertising, value for money and quality of service. Most of Business owners are looking for ROI, web traffic, exposure for their business and SEO benefits of back links.
ShreeMart provides services i.e. listed below:

Global Business Directory:

www.shreemart.com – is an Online Business Directory. Shreemart provides Local and Global business searches with location maps for submitting sites. We are a Delhi based result-oriented firm. Global Online Business Directory is an SEO friendly Link Directory. All submissions are manually reviewed to ensure a quality based directory. The Global Resource Directory offers a rich collection of international business-and trade-related resources, which we have selected for their content and organized into different categories. When submitting site in the directory please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description. Submissions are the better way to promote your business to customers. There is given a list of business with our well established directory and achieve high visibility. Our key services include:
Global Business Directory is an SEO friendly Link Directory. All submissions are manually reviewed to ensure a quality based directory.

Important Features of a Business Directory:

1. Communication Forward and Backward

2. Easy Collaborations

3. Trust Building

4. More Exposure

5. Customer Friendly Exposure

Shreemart is one of the best Global Business Directory that has services for the visitors and customers. This directory is more helpful for the business (Small as well as large) for particular region. This directory is the best way to advertise any firm. A global business directory is a single most important tool that locates the businesses you are looking for. A business directory is essential tool for promotion. Always choose right directory for more relevant submission. Request a quote for our reliable Global Business Services

Online Directory for Advertisement:

ShreeMart is an Online Business Directory provides different services like advertisement, Link Building, E-mail Marketing, and E-business Deployment. We offer integrated advertising services which include Corporate Identity, Online advertising, and Brand Promotion in Delhi. We help you to promote your business in the World Wide Web through marketing. Shreemart offers an integrated range of advertising services in Delhi for clients. We offer a complete range of advertising services. We have all efforts, and driving sales which are not refine your campaign accordingly.
Some of the points which is used in advertisement techniques in Online Business Web Directory:

1. Website Traffic-building

2. Revenue Optimization

3. Promotion & Performance

4. Prospect & Customer Education

5. Monitor statistical information about campaign spaces

6. Creativity of website

7. Website redirects

ShreeMart has a lot of benefits for your goods. So if you are looking for these types of Services request a quote for ShreeMart. Or you can send email at support@shreemart.com for any further query for Online Business Web Directory.

E-Business Deployment @ Shreemart:

E-Commerce enables you to sell products and services anywhere all around the world. Security is the most important concern for E commerce projects. E-Business is electronic business which used the technology that improves business processes. ShreeMart, Delhi is available for E-business Software Solution. We manage its internal processes such as human resources, financial and administration systems, as well as we have external processes such as sales, marketing, and customer relationships. ShreeMart has the right combination of experience, expertise, and up-to-date knowledge of the E-Business Deployment and E-business Software for applications.

There are more often E-business Software Services that are given below:

1. Business to business (B2B)

2. Business to consumer (B2C) also known as ecommerce

3. Business to consumer (B2C)

4.Prospect & Customer Education

5. Government to business (G2B)

ShreeMart will assist you to develop and upgrade approach which is right for E-Business Deployment. We try to upgrade approaches for any organizations that are ultimately reduce operating costs, streamline business processes, improve customer service, and increase revenue growth. E-Business Software Applications Deployment is having more than website for your business. Some of the advantages that include:

1. Quick and easy communication

2. Strength marketing capabilities and reach

3. A website provides 24*7 information to existing and potential customers

4. Access broader information through research

5. The opportunities to adopt new business models and develop customer support.

E- Mail Marketing Services:

Email Marketing is used in any organizations and marketers for brand and customer loyalty building, acquiring or converting customers, company advertisements, or for communicating promotional offers and more. It is a form of direct Email Marketing for commercial communicating messages for the audience. Shreemart is available in Delhi for E-mail Marketing Services. E-Mail Marketing, as the word itself suggests marketing through electronic mails. The main purpose of E-Mail Marketing is to enhance customer relationships through E-mails and encourage new customers and old customers to purchasing products immediately. Email marketing strategy is the formulation which is implemented successfully and can reduce marketing cost.
Shreemart offers these types of best Email Marketing services in affordable price.

These are the following benefits for email marketing services:

1. Provide for Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services

2. Earn Materialistic Feedback from Clients

3. Encourage Online Visitors to Make Offline Purchases

4. Collect email list subscribers from Power Sites website

5. Import/merge existing email database

6. Easily create and send email marketing messages for database

7. Target emails to individuals

8. Measure the success of Email Marketing campaign with inbuilt reports and statistics

Email Marketing Services remains one of the most effective ways of advertisement on the Internet. Email marketing is a form of Direct Marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating messages to the audience.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1. E-mail marketing is helpful to distribute information to wide range of customers at a time.

2. The cost of email marketing is relatively low as compare to other types of marketing.

3. Compared to other media investments such as direct mail.

4. E-mail marketing is the most effective Online Marketing tactics.

5. The delivery time for an e-mail message is short as compared to a mailed advertisement.

Link Building Services:

Link building Services at Shreemart is an essential part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. Quality and volume of inbound links that is necessary for major Search Engines, like Google that provides rank of website based on the variation. ShreeMart offers the perfect Link Building Services which have facility One Way link Building, Reciprocal Link Building, and Three Way Link Building. For Search Engine Optimization Rankings Link Building is more important. We are able to create maximum number of link in minimum time. Link building is the vital part of SEO. Link Building is used for increasing traffic day by day. One of the main point is that link should be relevant. By using 3 ways we perform Link building Services:

1.One way linking

2. Two way Linking

3. Three way linking

The most important feature of any website is to generate traffic and follow certain rules of Search Engine Optimization. Link Building is necessary for your business and these are achieved through the services of Search Engine Optimization. We have the ability to create natural internal and external linking for our clients, which is beneficial for both users and search engines. Link Building or Link Popularity is a process of Search Engine Optimization for getting a large number of links that point one website to other websites which have a very high page rank or relate to the theme of website.

Link Building Strategies

1. Directory submission

2. Purchasing Online Advertising

3. Text Link Brokers

4. Link Searches

5. Article Writing & Submission

6. Blogging & Comments

7. Automated Link Building Programs

8. Unique Tools & Services

9. Natural Link Building

Come at Shreemart for increasing traffic of sites in Search Engines. We provide Global Directory Submission for more valuable links. Email us at support@shreemart.com for Link Building Services.